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Welcome to JL Signs

Here at JL Signs we offer the best possible price for the highest quality product in a very quick turnaround time!

JL Signs has a unique approach to the signage industry with low overheads, utilising quality-experienced subcontractors with in-house miniumum staff - equating to BIG savings for the customer... YOU!

The old concept of large sign companies with large overheads does not exist with us! Large signage companies must keep their staff busy, must invest thousands in the latest technology, meaning the fabrication department must keep turning over product, even though it may be cheaper to e.g. turn to China, a laser-cutting specialist, or a pre-fabricated product and just put on a huge markup. A better example of this might be spraypainting a product just for the sake that you have a spray booth! It looks much nicer and lasts longer by wrapping signs with self adhesive vinyl and it's cheaper with no powdering over of the paint if you do not wash it like your car. Some companies are now set up to sell this new vinyl wrapping technology, stating that spray painting is dead, and good on them for moving with the times and technology. The bottoms line is companies must utalise their infastructure and sell it to the customer when usually there may be a much better quality product or service at a cheaper price. We are not confined by those concepts!

There are too many low cost specialists in the sign industry now and stringing them together with our vast knowledge and experience of the sign industry is what we do best with the end outcome of being the most dynamic and cost efficient business around.

Our Guarantee to the customer is we will give you the best looking, highest quality product for the best possible price with a guarantee to beat any compeditors equally comparible product by 5%.

Another part of our service is turnaround - are you sick of waiting a month for your signage???

Not confined by staff bookings, we are utalising a range of expert sub-contractors for the same employee cost as most large companies - we can deliver!!!

Sub-contractor work is utalised by most large sign companies in W.A. these days. Sub-contractors own their own business so they are very proud and dedicated to making their business work rather than staff that turn up from 9 to 5. We utalise the experts in the industry, not some new beginner that has just shown up for work 5min late and doesn't really care.

Another great part of our unique approch to the industry is our products...

Our standard range of digital vinyls are 5-year and are digitally printed with 5 year rated inks as standard, ensuring longevity for any item ordered...You get what you pay for rather than any budget signage suppliers. We also use premium quality 440 GSM vinyl banners and the most premium pull up banner material ensuring the no early fading or wearing of the products.

We can offer a higher quality of product such a 7 & 10 year materials depending on how long you sign will be expected to last along with a budget range of materials. If you have a one-off event were signs are discarded afterwards. Ask us regarding this range when requesting a price if required.

JL Signs offer a complete supply, design, manufacture, fabrication, signwriting & installation service for any signage requirement you may have!